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Dental Implants
Lititz, PA

Patient leaning back looking at teeth in mirror at Mor Smiles in Lititz, PaTooth loss is a fairly widespread problem experienced by millions of Americans of all ages. While many people may believe that only older people experience tooth loss, it is no longer associated with advanced age, as it used to be.

Missing a tooth or teeth can cause some serious issues, such as the inability to chew food well, difficulty speaking, smiling, poor confidence, changes in your facial shape, and low self-esteem. Nevertheless, missing a tooth or two should not be a lifelong struggle. For people who have lost one or more teeth due to an injury, periodontal disease, or decay, you can get both sub-periosteal and endosteal dental implants from us here at Mor Smiles. We can help restore both your normal lifestyle and your confidence with dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants and Who Can Benefit From Them?

A dental implant is a type of artificial tooth, complete with a metal screw-like post. The implant is typically surgically inserted into your jawbone and helps to replace a missing tooth or bridge. It is a long-term solution for people who have one or more missing teeth, damaged teeth, fully grown jawbone, and for those who can practice good oral hygiene. Additionally, they are ideal for people who can withstand a bone graft, those with enough time for the entire process, and people whose bridgeworks or dentures do not fit well.

Dental implants also give you the look of a real tooth, and dental implant surgery takes place in stages and involves several steps. From the extraction to the implantation of the hardware, as well as the duration of time it takes for the bone to integrate around the implants to the final attachment of the prosthetic teeth, it can take several months to finalize this procedure.

Are You a Candidate For Endosteal or Subperiosteal Dental Implant?

Endosteal is the most commonly used type of implant. It is made of titanium and looks like small screws that are placed in the jawbone. Subperiosteal dental implants, on the other hand, are ideal for people who have weak jawbones (which may not be able to sustain normal implants and may also not be willing to undergo bone augmentation procedure). The reason for this is because the implants are placed below the gum but above the jawbone.

There are numerous benefits for being fitted with dental implants. Apart from restoring your natural smile and facial appearance, implants can help protect your jawbone from deterioration and make your teeth strong. Your mouth is made in a way that all your teeth depend on one another for stability and strength. Therefore, if there is a gap between two teeth, the other teeth will start to shift around and eventually go out of place. However, a dental implant will keep all the teeth in place and keep your entire dental structure strong.

If you have suffered from tooth loss, it is important to find a lasting solution for the missing tooth. Dental implants may be that answer. Whether it is one tooth or a number of teeth you are missing, you may find that a dental implant can bring that natural smile and confidence back to you. To get more information about dental implants and to see if you may be a candidate for them, please give us at Mor Smiles a call at 223-258-5088 today.

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If you have suffered from tooth loss, it is important to find a lasting solution for the missing tooth. Dental implants may be that answer. Call us here at Mor Smiles today!
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